Our services

Our mission is to contribute to the enrichment of the built environment by creating high-standard, efficient and sustainable buildings through the engineering expertise and design excellence of our colleagues.


Project management
Project preparation
Design management
Permit management
Construction supervision
Cost management
Value engineering
Project management
Portfolio management
Tenant coordination
FIDIC engineering services


Development consultancy
Design brief
Project management of design competitions
Technical tenant representation
Technical due diligence, energy efficiency optimisation
Sustainability consultancy, BREEAM and LEED assessments
Building surveying and diagnostics
Project monitoring of EU funded projects
Project monitoring, independent engineering services required by financial institutes
Facility management consultancy


Construction management
Construction supervision
Tender management in multi-contractor delivery method
On-site construction management in multi-contractor delivery method
Health and safety supervision


Architecture and engineering
Architecture and integrated design
Design project management
Architectural design
Structural engineering
Building services engineering
Road and public utility engineering
Passive and sustainable design
BIM (Building Information Modeling)
Design supervision


Architecture and engineering


Gábor Lipcsei
Óbuda Group
T | +36 1 439 0504

Géza Germán
Managing Director
Óbuda Építész Stúdió Kft.
T | +36 1 439 0504

Project management, Construction management, Consultancy

Péter Kálmán
Óbuda-Újlak Zrt.
T | +36 1 250 0105


Gábor Horváth
Managing Director
Újlak Mérnökiroda Kft.
T | +36 1 250 0105

Work method

We perform our design and project management tasks in line with well-structured and robust international engineering procedures whilst using a work method tailored to the actual project goals.


We are committed to sustainable development. In line with our clients’ business goals, we encourage and implement environmentally conscious design and engineering solutions in all of our projects.

BIM – working method and services

With the active use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) the design and realisation of projects become more effective and predictable which is essential especially when it comes to more complex tasks.

BIM – KEY PROJECTS: Liget Budapest BIM strategy and coordination 170 000 m² | National University of Public Service (NKE) BIM modelling and collision detection 16 800 m² | Mercedes-Benz BIM model maintenance 100 000 m² | Duna Medical Center BIM Modelling 17 600 m² | Puskás Arena BIM audit 4D 210 000 m² | Multifunctional Arena BIM Execution Plan (BEP), BIM audit 75 000 m² | Audi Hungaria CAFM BIM model 3 600 m² | Liget Museum Buildings BIM audit 175 000 m²