Public Administration Centre of Szigetszentmiklós

In the project commissioned by the Government Office for Pest County and involved the construction of a Public Administration Centre in ÁTI Sziget Industrial Park in Szigetszentmiklós, Óbuda Építész Stúdió has been contracted by Grabarics Építőipari Kft. Under a design-build contract our group of experts designed a complex administration centre in a building with a total floor area of approximately 8,000 sqm. A government window was set up in the building with associated back offices, including offices for labour, building, and social affairs. Besides the District Centre of the District Court of Ráckeve with its offices and 16 courtrooms as well as the District Prosecutor’s Office, the building also accommodates the Police Headquarters of Szigetszentmiklós. The tighter than usual performance deadlines posed a great challenge, in addition to the need of meeting complex requirements owing to the building’s multiple functions.

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Project info
Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary
8 900 m²

Architecture and integrated design