St. Emeric High School Sports Centre

A completely modern, state-of-the-art sports centre has been designed by Óbuda Group next to St. Emeric High School, an old and venerable school.

The building will house two spaces with a high interior and four levels of service zones next to them. Upstairs there will be a large handball court, with a 150-seat grandstand, which makes it suitable for school sports events. There will be a basketball court on one floor below the handball court. In addition to the large halls, the complex will house an artistic gymnastics room and a weight room, complete with changing rooms.


The new sports facility will be located at the back of the plot, pushed into the slope of the hillside. In order for this special arrangement to be realized, we had to prepare the build-in concept and even the supporting documents needed to modify the regulatory plan.


Already in the initial phase of the design, we came up with the idea of a subdued, neutral, yet aesthetically and qualitatively future-proof facade. This is how we chose fine concrete. The special feature of the façade is a lace-like motif, the lower part of which is pierced and the upper part is embossed.

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