St. Gellért Forum

St. Gellért Forum was created in Szeged, in an area of almost 10 hectares. The stadium with an 8 000-seat grandstand is also suitable for hosting international matches and matches for UEFA Champions League and Europa League qualifiers. In addition to the football pitch, the Forum also has an amphitheatre, three tennis courts, an artificial turf football pitch, a running track and a playground. The indoor event hall also hosts handball, basketball, futsal and badminton competitions.

The indoor event hall houses the changing rooms, gyms, medical and coach rooms, the fitness room, the technical room, the equipment room and the cafeteria.


It was important for our client that in addition to sports events, students of the institutions of the diocese, as well as young people in foster care, could also hold regional community events here.


Óbuda Group provided project management, cost management, construction supervision and LEED assessment services.

Diocese of Szeged-Csanád

Project info
Szeged, Hungary
9 300 m²

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