Árpád-Házi Szent Erzsébet Templom

Based on the design of Óbuda Group a Roman Catholic church was built in Tarhos, Békés County, known for its Wenckheim Castle and Music Pavilion.

This 200 m2 building was placed in the historic centre of the village among the hundred-year-old chestnut trees. The building complex consists of three units: the 6-meter-high nave, including the upper circle accommodating 60 persons, the 15-meter-high bell tower and the lower part of the building connecting these two. It houses a sacristy accessible from both outside and inside, a classroom for 15 people and an accessible wet block. The interior design of the building and the works of fine art to be placed in the church – matching its architectural style – also represent a contemporary trend. The detailed interior design plans were carried out by interior designer Péter Kornél Horváth, the works of art were created by sculptor Jenő Kovács.

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Diocese of Szeged-Csanád

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Tarhos, Hungary
205 m²

Architecture and integrated design