Recreation Centre Szekszárd

The design task is the New Recreation Center to be built in the area of Szekszárd Family-Friendly Beach and Theme Bath, commissioned in 2012.  In addition to the outdoor beach areas and the city swimming pool currently under construction, the building expands the services of the institution, providing theme bath and wellness services throughout the year. The total net floor area of the building is about 1,800 m2. The new building forms a unified architectural composition with the building elements either existing or under construction, and offers the option of joint operation.


The water service elements of the building are diverse, they provide excellent recreation opportunities for everyone. In the pool area there is a large adventure pool with a complex floor plan, a children’s pool and a whirlpool, the water surface of all the pools in the area is approx. 270 m2. Sauna World is a separate area, with bio, infrared, Finnish sauna, steam room, whirlpool with immersion and sitting pools, a salt chamber and massage elements, with an atmosphere of radiant inner peace.

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Municipality of Szekszárd

Project info
Szekszárd, Hungary
1 800 m²

Design brief
Architecture and integrated design