Multifunctional Rákosmente Arena

In December 2019, construction works of the multifunctional arena in Rákosmente began in the center of District XVII. Óbuda Építész Stúdió Kft. prepares the architecture and integrated design related to the implementation of the sports and event hall. According to the schedule, the project will be completed in the second half of 2021, with ZÁÉV Építőipari Zrt. and Épkar Zrt. as the joint constructors. The resultant multifunctional sports and event arena will be a facility planned with bleachers for 1,500 persons, accessible, offering several functions, the arena will host high quality sporting events. This modern facility will be suitable for future competitions, as well as grassroots sports and various events, congresses, exhibitions, concerts in the future.


This facility of nearly 7,700 square meters is an environmentally conscious, renewable green building that is intended to match its surroundings in its appearance as well. The aim of the implementation is to credit a modern public building with the connected promenade and a rest garden that meets the sustainability criteria and becomes one of the determining elements of the cityscape of Rákosmente. The curved cover defined on the main mass is vigorously repeated by the cube in the foyer, then the mass elements turn to the transparent façade facing Népkert, and subside as the closure of the north façade on the car park side. The sloping flat facades add subtle tension and balance to these.


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Budapest, Hungary
7 700 m²

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