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Óbuda Group has been providing independent engineering services for a number of banks in several countries, such as Hungary, Romania, and Russia since 2001. Our clients include CIB, MKB, OTP, EXIM, MFB, HVB, UniCredit, ERSTE, Raiffeisen, Budapest Bank, and Volksbank. During bank control services, Óbuda Group is in charge of controlling the costs required for disbursements under the loan agreements executed by the bank, while protecting the interests and safety of the bank. In the zero report we investigate the project’s implementation and the fulfilment of all its technical conditions as well as of the conditions for starting the financing process. In each monthly report we define the amount of drawdown on the loan facility for the actual degree of technical completion. In the closure report we investigate the technical and financial conditions required for ending the project, and if these are found to be met, we make a recommendation to the bank to close the project.

We have participated in the control of EU financed projects at a total value of some 76,5 billion Hungarian Forints, including KEOP, KDOP, KMOP, NYDOP, ÁAOP, ÉAOP, DAOP, and DDOP projects. Such EU projects have contributed to the improvement of buildings, energy efficiency programmes, utilisation of renewable energy sources, building energy development, accessibility, rehabilitation of town centres, and tourism development.

UniCredit, ERSTE , Raiffeisen,
Budapest Bank, Volksbank

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Hungary, Romania, Russia

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