Paskál Park

The Paskál Residential Park is one of the largest developments for residential properties in Budapest for which we provided complete design, engineering and expert services. In the project all tasks were performed by us including technical- economic preparation, obtaining permits to the sale of apartments and operation. Our activities included landscaping and the management and control of public utility and road constructions. The total area of the property development is 12 ha. There are 620 apartments; 750 parking lots on a total floor area of 23,000 m². In conjunction with the project, we also built a 600-unit elders’ home and we also had to rebuild the adjoining main road and the trolley bus line.

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Paskál Park Zrt.

Project info
Budapest, Hungary
136 000 m²

Large-scale development concepts
Design brief
Feasibility study
Architecture and integrated design
Project management
Cost management
Construction supervision