NKE Sports Centre

The aim of the National University of Public Service (NKE) as the investor was to establish the Ludovika Campus by constructing structures providing certain functions of the university in the area of Orczy Garden and some adjacent properties. The Ludovika Campus project consisted of the following main project elements: Reconstruction of the Ludovika main building, Construction of a new academic building, Construction of sports facilities and a recreation park, Construction of a special training building, Riding school, Park and infrastructure construction, dormitory for the Faculty of Political Science and statement Administration (ÁKK) and renovation of the Annex.


During the establishment of the Sports Facilities and Recreation Park, a new Sports Hall (Ludovika Arena) was completed, a Student Center and a Shooting Club were established, and Outdoor Sports Grounds and a Recreation Park were also built in Orczy Park.


In this Sports Centre of 11,500 mthere are three main functions: a swimming pool, a multifunctional hall space and an adjoining warm-up room. The Pools section has an 8-lane 21×25 m swimming pool, a 10×15 m training pool and a wellness area. A stand for 200 people was built for the pool area. The swimming pool was designed to accommodate FINA swimming competitions and domestic water polo matches. The Multifunctional Hall has basically a 20×40 m handball court, but the hall is also suitable for basketball and volleyball matches. Curtains may be lowered to divide up the arena into three parts, by which multi-team Hungarian championships can be organized on 3 26×14 m basketball courts. The stands belonging to the arena have 924 fixed seats, which can be supplemented with an additional 396 mobile seats, so the entire hall can seat 1,320 persons. In the Warm-up hall area, in addition to volleyball and basketball courts, a 20×40 m handball court was also placed, and one of the end walls of the track received a 10 m long 11 m high climbing wall and a 10×4.5 m boulder wall.


Our company participated in complex project management, engineering consulting, construction supervision and risk analysis assignments.

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