NKE student residence

The objective of the National University of Public Service (NKE) as developer was to establish Ludovika Campus by constructing buildings in Orczy kert (Orczy Garden) and on certain adjacent properties to meet the various functions of the university. The Ludovika Campus development project consists of the following main elements: Ludovika Main Building, New Educational Building, Sports Facilities, Building for Special Training, Riding Hall, Park, Infrastructure, Demolition, and a Dormitory for the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration (ÁKK).


The dormitory with a capacity of 600 students have been completed using the design-build approach. As regards the building, Újlak Mérnökiroda Kft has been in charge of project management, engineering consultancy, and construction supervision. Connecting Nagyvárad tér and Orczy Park, Campus Square has also been established as part of the development. The ÁKK dormitory was put into use in September 2015.

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National University of Public Service (NKE)

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Budapest, Hungary
11 500 m²

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