National University of Public Service (NKE) main building

The National University of Public Service has decided to build a new Ludovika Campus in Orczy kert (Orczy Garden) and on the adjacent properties. As regards the project, client has appointed technical management, construction supervision, and engineering consultancy tasks to Újlak Mérnökiroda Kft.

The Ludovika Main Building was to accommodate the University’s central administrative office with some 200 work stations. The building also serves educational functions for as many as 1000 students and 56 faculty members with a lobby, a cafeteria, and a bookstore. This is also the location of the central library with a capacity of 200,000 volumes, to serve three faculties of the University.
The project covered refurbishment and reconstruction of a net floor area of some 16,600 sqm on four levels of the protected building. All exterior walls of the building have been renovated, with an eye on the original decorative elements. The original supporting structure featuring vaults and tension rods, as well as the foundation of the building had to be reinforced during refurbishment. In the protected building specialised restoration work has been carried out in the Vestibule, Event Hall, Chapel, Main Staircase, and the Heroes’ Corridor, which involved decorative painting, stained glass, wood, metal, stone, artificial stone, and plasterwork elements. The building will accommodate the Hungarian Natural History Museum, with certain areas of the museum, including the mineral collection being moved to newly built sections.

Refurbishment site work on the Ludovika Main Building started in April 2013, followed by landscape construction that began in October that year. Based on the construction plans it supervised, Újlak Mérnökiroda Kft has been in charge of construction supervision, with the technical compliance of the work, cost management, and performance being checked for both the building and its environment.

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National University of Public Service (NKE)

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