MTK Hidegkuti Nándor Football Stadium

Contracted by sports club MTK, Óbuda Group has started to work on the MTK Stadium Project (on Salgótarjáni utca in the 8th district of Budapest). Total floor area including the covered stands to seat as many as 5,314 spectators will be 15,400 sqm, and construction will take place under a “design and build” contract. Our colleagues are in charge of complex engineering tasks, including project management, construction supervision, design supervision, production control, quality control, and sustainability consultancy. Client aims at establishing the most up-to-date football pitch structure currently available in Hungary, however, the particularly short deadline presents a challenge for us in terms of implementation.

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MTK Sport Club Budapest

Project info
Budapest, Hungary
15 400 m²

Project management
Construction supervision
Design supervision
LEED assessment