MOL Campus

The new headquarters of MOL, the 120 meter high, 28-storey unique high-rise office block will be built in Lágymányos Bay based on the plans of Foster&Partners and Finta Stúdió. The sustainability consultancy services and assessment of the project are provided by Óbuda Group on behalf of MOL Ingatlankezelő Kft. The double qualification target of LEED Platinum and BREEAM Excellent required the close cooperation among the project participants from the project preparation phase on which is continued over the duration of the implementation and commissioning, as well as in the course of the first few years of building usage. The Employees of MOL Group will expectably put the building to use in 2022. Earlier we carried out the preparation and permit management services of the project, to be implemented on the plot, on behalf of Property Market.

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Property Market Kft., MOL Ingatlankezelő Kft.

Project info
Budapest, Hungary
85 000 m²

Project preparation
Permit management
LEED assessment
BREEAM assessment