Mészöly Fehér úti sports centre

Mészöly Focisuli Sportegyesület (Mészöly Football School Sports Club) has intended to refurbish, and expand into a two-pitch training facility, the existing sports centre on Fehér út.

The sports facility will consist of two training pitches with eight locker rooms, as well as service areas and corridors. Its primary purpose is to provide covered training pitches for the Football School operating in the area. These pitches will have stands for only a limited number of spectators, which means that both sports facilities will feature two lateral rows of seats to accommodate about 150 people each.


According to the plans, the locker room and the clubhouse, both in a fairly rundown condition at present, would have also been refurbished. Planning involved the rationally designed, yet imposing sports facility incorporating two training pitches with service and changing areas. Along with the refurbishment of the building stock, modern grass-covered and artificial grass-covered pitches and training pitches would have been built to replace the existing low quality outdoor ones.

During the project Óbuda Group prepared a concept plan reflecting the needs of client as well as consulted with the district building authority and the plan committee, and obtained a provisional building permit.

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Mészöly Football Club

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Budapest, Hungary
3 500 m²

Concept design
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