Mercedes-Benz assembly hall extension

Óbuda Group is involved in the expansion of the Mercedes Plant in Kecskemét. The builder of the project is Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary Kft. and our company is contracted by Obermeyer Planen + Beraten GmbH. Some 100, 000 sqm of new floor area is to be added to the existing building, resulting in a hall with a total floor area of 214,600 sqm. The new unit will accommodate the manufacturing and storage of body parts. In this project, Óbuda Group is in charge of architecture and integrated design as well as cost consultancy.


The construction project of a hall accommodating technologies that count as pilot projects is special in many ways: the vast dimensions of the building, the short deadlines, and the cooperation with client’s team of several experts as well as with an international group of designers, all present a great challenge.


The activities such as project management, construction supervision, and design supervision our Group successfully performed earlier in connection with the plant as well as the resulting familiarity of Óbuda Group with both the place and the project are an advantage during the project. The District Office of Kecskemét has issued a final resolution of the building permit, thus lifting all obstacles in terms of construction law to starting the implementation of this significant project.


Project info
Kecskemét, Hungary
100 000 m²

Architectural design
Cost management