Liget Budapest infrastructure

In parallel with the construction of new museums, the renovation of existing buildings, and the rehabilitation of green areas, the Liget Budapest project includes the renewal of the entire public utility and traffic system of Városliget (City Park) as well as the construction of new infrastructure that meets modern-day requirements.
The area is located close to several roads and intersections with heavy traffic, but also in a key residential and tourist district. To reduce or even stop vehicle traffic passing through the park, a major restructuring of the surrounding road networks and traffic is necessary, certain elements of which are, however, beyond the scope of the project and will be implemented in the long run.
Simultaneously with the reconstruction and replacement of the public utility and road networks, a low-voltage and security infrastructure to serve the operation of Liget, and SMART functions to improve the information service and enhance the experience for those visiting the park and its institutions, will be implemented.
In terms of sustainability and environmental consciousness, the project aims at the optimum and the economic utilization of any energy sources to be found in the area, including geothermal energy, waste heat recovery from thermal water or even the thermal energy of groundwater, as well as reusing the collected waters for irrigation or greywater purposes.

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