LEGO Manufacturing Plant

Equipped with cutting edge technologies, the new factory is located on 100 hectares in the city of Nyíregyháza. The production department, built in almost a year, covers an area of 100,000 square meters. It is a special feature of the LEGO factory that DUPLO product line, intended for small children, is manufactured here, from injection molding all the way to packaging. About 70,000 boxes of this produced are manufactured here each day. During the construction of the factory already, selective waste collection became a special priority, 75 percent of the generated waste was recycled. The new complex was built in such a way that manufacturing would have a minimal environmental impact, making the Nyíregyháza unit the greenest and most cutting edge factory of LEGO Group.


Óbuda Group provided sustainability consultancy and energy efficiency optimalisation services analysing a wide range of scenarios for LEGO.

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LEGO Manufacturing Kft.

Project info
Nyíregyháza, Hungary
2012, 2014
100 000 m²

Sustainability consultancy
Energy efficiency optimalisation