Handball Academy Dunaújváros

The complex of the new handball academy, consisting of the new handball hall and the dormitory building to be renovated, is being built as a development project of the Municipality of Dunaújváros. The main element of the academy is the new sports hall, which will be built on the site of the old one. The two fully equipped training tracks in the main mass, the mobile bleachers make it possible, by re-arrangement, to convert the complex into an arena for 1,000 spectators. In addition to the necessary service rooms, team changing rooms, changing rooms, VIP, family and catering facilities, upstairs cafeterias and a gym, there is also a separate handball court, independent of the main court, on the other side of the transit hallway. During matches, the sports hall provides separate entrances for home fans, guest fans, VIP spectators and athletes.


The renovated accommodation building has 18 residential units per floor, with a total of 72 beds. In addition to the rooms on the first and second floors, on the ground floor there will be a kitchen-restaurant, the offices and operating departments of the academy and the lecture hall will also be located here.

Municipality of Dunaújváros

Project info
Dunaújváros, Hungary
6 600 m²

Architecture and integrated design