Budapest Health Programme

The Government has launched the Healthy Budapest Program in order to develop health care services in the Capital and Pest County, to renew the infrastructure of the affected institutions, to increase patient safety and satisfaction, to raise the standard of care, to facilitate access to services and to provide more efficient emergency care.


Under the programme, the  National Healthcare Services Center  launched an open public procurement procedure for the performance of Design Consulting tasks, which was won by the Óbuda-Győrber-K + K Consortium formed by Óbuda-Újlak Zrt., GYŐRBER Mérnöki és Szolgáltató Kft. and K + K Környezetgazdálkodási és Közműtervező Kft.


Our task is to participate actively in design consultations, customer and designer cooperations, to monitor the design processes during the entire process necessary for the implementation of the Healthy Budapest Program (EBP), in all design phases (survey design, concept design, draft design, permit design, technical design), monitoring, supervisions, in coordination, consultation meetings held with the general and specialized authorities, etc.  We provide design reviews for such disciplines as architecture, structural engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, , renewable energy systems, roads, utilities, landscaping, fire protection, acoustics, accessibility, health technology, building structure, building physics, low voltage systems, etc.

National Healthcare Services Centre

Project info
Budapest, Hungary
850 000 m²
30 institutions

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