Csodavár Budapest

Contracted by Rejtett Kincsek Down Association, Csodavár Inclusive Early Development Centre and Playhouse has opened in Budapest. The new centre has been completed as a result of the work of Rejtett Kincsek Down Association with the professional support of, among others, Óbuda Group including design, construction supervision, and technical support during construction.

Vacant for years, an old cinema building provided a basis for the centre. The additions to the old building have been demolished revealing a sizeable cellar underneath. The contemporary addition completed here now features huge slides that connect three storeys, which soon became the children’s favourites. On the ground floor of the old cinema there is a large community playground and a steampunk style coffeehouse, with the first floor of the newly built part accommodating rooms for one-on-one and group sessions where specialist can assist children’s development.

As a result of the reconstruction the one-time cinema together with the addition has turned into a close to 750 sqm clean-lined modern building, successfully combining the atmosphere of the old house with contemporary elements. On account of a project unique in the sector, the therapy centre has managed to implement the basic idea of the “Csodavár Model” in every aspect, meaning that the key is to provide integrated and playful development for children, which is to ensure an environment for those in need of early development, where the development centre doubles as a playground and where disabled children and those with typical development can attend joint activity sessions and thus develop together.

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Budapest, Hungary
750 m²

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