Budapest Zoo Biodome

The construction of Pannon Park in the new area of five hectares of the zoo and within it, the building of Biodome with a total area of 33 thousand square meters, began at the end of August 2017.

The steel structure of the 17.5 thousand square meter shell is globally unique in terms of technology. A light-transmitting foil membrane was placed on the roof structure consisting of four domes.


The largest seawater pool of 2.5 million litres, will be the biggest one in Central Europe, with sharks and marine animals. The Biodome, which functions as an indoor park, offers visitors recreational opportunities even in adverse weather conditions.


In the area behind Pannon Park, a small amusement park will be set up, where visitors can use the old wooden roller coaster and the fairy-tale boat.


As part of the engineering services Óbuda Group provides project management, cost management and construction supervision services.

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Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden

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