Regional Market Hall, Békéscsaba

The new, state-of-the-art market hall, indoor and outdoor fairgrounds and parking garages will be implemented in the 13 300 square meters area of the old wholesale market, providing modern accommodation for increased capacities and meeting the commercial expectations of the city and the region. Organized on a raster, the floor plan system of the building enables flexible use, so it is capable of keeping pace with the changing needs of customers. The market building fits in with the cityscape, preserving its traditions and providing a new architectural quality for the commercial function.   The building complex ensures the regional significance of the fairground, strengthening micro-regional commercial opportunities, provides a new forum for local producers and buyers, and in addition to its main purpose, it also functions as a tourist attraction.


Óbuda Group provided architecture and integrated design services commissioned by Municipality of Békéscsaba.

Municipality of Békéscsaba

Project info
Békéscsaba, Hungary
13 300 m²

Architecture and integrated design