House of Champions

Contracted by Bausystem Építőipari Kft., our Group has contributed to the planning of the apartment building called House of Champions at the corner of Kocka utca and Sörgyár utca in the 10th district of Budapest. The layout of the L-shaped 3,800 sqm building provides a protected interior space: on the street front clean design and unusual form is emphasised, embracing an inner garden that is to ensure peacefulness. The red and white walls of the modern style apartment building are a fresh and prominent feature in its neighbourhood. A designated heritage site currently functioning as an industrial park, the former building of the reputable Dreher Beer Factory stands in the immediate vicinity of the plot. The nearby kindergarten can also be an attraction for families planning to move in the apartment house with little kids.

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Bausystem Építőipari Kft.

Project info
Budapest, Hungary
3 800 m²

Architecture and integrated design