Autoliv plant extension

The existing plant will be expanded by an area of about 22,000 sqm, an outdoor parking lot, as well as roads and public utilities. Autoliv specialises in the precision production of accessory parts for the automobile industry, with its two main product families including seatbelts and buckles. Autoliv Kft is a subsidiary of the global automobile parts manufacturer Autoliv, a company based in Sweden and the USA, supplying its products to major European automobile manufacturers, such as the Volkswagen Group, Mercedes, Fiat, and BMW. In this project our company provides architectural, integrated design, and project management services.
The project is implemented in three major phases and expected to result in six new integrated units, each with different functions, at various points of the manufacturing centre. Also, the entire public utility and road system will be reconstructed, with a concurrent expansion of capacities. It is a special challenge for us to ensure undisturbed operation of the factory during the construction work. Moreover, client’s requirements and priorities keep changing and these must also be integrated in the entire project implementation. Notwithstanding the new tasks, the total lead time of the project has been reduced by almost six months as compared to the original plans. After the expansion is completed, the current production capacity of seatbelts is expected to double, but the factory has already been operating at an increased capacity since the handover of the first phase.

Autoliv Ipari és Kereskedelmi Kft.

Project info
Sopronkövesd, Hungary
22 000 m²

Architecture and integrated design
Project management
Construction supervision