Audi Hungaria motor manufacturing plant (G1, G7, G9, G10, G12, G18)

Contracted by AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft., the world’s largest engine manufacturer, our group has completed the expansion of three existing production facilities, G7, G10, and G12. A hazardous material storage facility was added to Building G7, the associated central laboratory incorporating both offices and workshops was built as an addition to Building G10 and, in parallel with the physical expansion of Logistics Building G12, reconstruction in the existing area was completed according to a new logistics concept. Breaking with the long-established Hungarian tradition, Audi has omitted the general concept both in planning and construction by contracting out tasks as independent assignments.
Our group has carried out architectural and structural planning, site manager tasks and construction supervision, also including cooperation between building services engineers and contractors. The undisturbed operation of the factory had to be maintained in each case during construction work, which posed quite a challenge during the projects. In addition to the three main projects, several minor tasks related to the existing buildings have also been carried out by the team of Óbuda Group.

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Győr, Hungary
~100 000 m²

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