Audi Hungaria G70 central building

We have been involved in the construction of the central building as well as the body and assembly halls of the Hungarian Audi automobile manufacturing plant as a new greenfield project. As a subcontractor of Obermeyer Planen & Beraten GmbH, we have been in charge of planning, site management, and construction supervision as regards the body and assembly halls. Contracted by Haustec GmbH, our mechanical and electrical engineers have been involved in the work at the assembly hall.
As a partner of Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GmbH and then later of ATP Wien Planungs GmbH, we have been in charge of site management and construction supervision at the construction of the central building of the new factory unit. In addition to office use, this building also accommodates the test laboratory of the central quality control unit to allow for the testing of all the sub-processes of production and assembly. On three levels above the office space, enclosed automatic transport tunnels connect the building units of various uses. The first floor accommodates the central cafeteria of the new factory unit as well as the associated kitchen area. Both as designers and construction managers, we are continuously involved in the reconstruction and streamlining of the existing factory building’s office spaces, in accordance with our framework agreement.

ATP Wien

Project info
Győr, Hungary
2013, 2016-
41 500 m²

Cost management
Construction supervision
Construction management
HOAI 1-9