Aldi food stores

The German-owned retail chain is a major market player both in Europe and in Hungary. We prepared the construction permit designs for four projects and the as-built designs in all cases of 6 stores, in line with the client’s high quality and technical requirements. ALDI’s technology and corporate image is determined by consistently applied internal standards. These were adjusted to the local and regional conditions, requirements and the parameters of the plot. We provided complex design and engineering services from selecting the design locations until the end of the warranty period. The department stores built in Ajka, Ózd, Sátoraljaújhely, Debrecen and the 3rd District of Budapest have a floor area of 1600 to 1900 square metres each.

Aldi Magyarország Ingatlan Kft.
Makat Kft.

Project info
6 locations, Hungary
8 200 m²

Development consultancy
Architecture and integrated design
Cost management
Construction supervision